Gift Idea for Greece - Book a Private Tour of Crete

Gift Idea for Greece – Book a Private Tour of Crete

Crete is the largest island of Greece and is a very popular holiday destination. This is partly due to the fact it has managed to maintain a wonderful unique character.

If you are looking for a gift idea for Greece, book a private tour of Crete. Maybe you know someone visiting Crete for a special celebration. It is after all the perfect location for a honeymoon, anniversary or a significant birthday. Why not give them a gift to remember and pre-book one of the top rated private tours on the island:

Greece, Crete – Best of Western Crete Hiking Tour

A great gift idea for him or her who loves outdoor adventures. Firstly, you will head off on this full day tour to Sfakia on the far west side of the island.  Here you will enjoy everything you could want:-  hiking, cooking, wine-tasting, and cheese-sampling, storytelling and much more.

The region of Sfakia boasts spectacular white mountains, impressive gorges, and absolutely breath-taking views. Following in the steps of ANZAC soldiers you will hike through Imbros Gorge. Here you will find out why Crete is considered to be the flora crossroads of the Mediterranean!  Then it’s off to visit a family-owned cheese and yoghurt factory for a gorgeous local breakfast.

In the afternoon you will join a practical cooking class and enjoy a lunch of traditional Cretan dishes made by yourself.  After a relaxing lunch, visit an established local cellar and winery. Learn all about the wine production while sampling gorgeous local Cretan wine.

Greece, Crete – A Night with the Gods 

A brilliant birthday gift idea for Greece and the avid astronomer! You will learn all about ancient Greek mythology and astronomy. Discover how the ancient Greeks used the stars to predict upcoming seasons.

Crete is a brilliant best place for stargazing and you will explore the sky, learning how to read the constellations and planets. Afterwards, get to know all about Greek cuisine as you sit under the stars. Lean how gorgeous ancient recipes are slow cooked in traditional ceramic pots, before tucking into a traditional Minoan meal.

The main thing about this tour is that 30% of the costs go to promoting a local training centre; which basically means your visit has been a huge support to this independent business that the training centre is helping to become more sustainable!

Greece, Crete – Private Bygone Experience 

Another fantastic celebration gift for an outdoor enthusiast who loves exploring. It is a day spent discovering the rich Cretan culture, villages, and the unique hiking trails. You will visit a medieval town, pass through the oldest olive groves in the Mediterranean, see stunning historic sites, explore an abandoned monastery, and discover what rural life was like on Crete back in the late 19th century

There is a fascinating trek through a vibrant green gorge and a secluded village where you will hear all about Cretan herbs and vegetation. Afterwards, you can relax and make your own bread in a wood-fire oven and then indulge in a home cooked meal made with organic products

Greece, Crete – Private Antiquity and Adventurers Tour 

Well, this is the perfect gift for a couple who have come to Crete seeking fun and adventure! It is a mixture of exploring a Cretan village, trekking a green gorge and taking a good look around an unknown ancient city with special ‘healing waters’.

The trek takes about 90 minutes on the South coast of Crete;  hiking through a gorge that offers amazing views, peace and tranquility whilst you discover all about the local flora.

There is a ride on a fishing boat to a stunning secluded beach where you can swim in the amazing turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Afterwards, you can just relax or try your hand at cooking lessons and discover more about local Cretan cuisine.

Greece, Crete – Private Food Natural Treasures Tour 

Another perfect anniversary or birthday gift idea for a wine and foodie buff! This tour will let you taste all the riches of Crete.  You will head off to a training centre dedicated to supporting small-scale family businesses. Here you will enjoy some organic meat and cheeses and various other treats including the famous olive oil and tasting different varieties. You will also discover a few tips for making your everyday life more environmentally friendly.

Find out how an enterprising local group is working to make businesses on Crete more sustainable and join in the scavenger hunt around the grounds searching for local herbs used in foods and medicines. Also, as the tour above – 30% of your costs will go to supporting small-scale rural businesses in the area.

Greece, Crete – Healing In-Focus Nature Tour 

What a wonderful anniversary gift to present to a family member or friend! This very special In Focus tour outlining the problems facing the Cretan countryside after a series of shocking fires rocked the island.

You will visit one of the affected areas where you will plant a tree for a loved one to support the reforestation process. There is time to explore the historic hills and admire the stunning scenery and fabulous views across the Mirabello Bay. Visit the ancient ruins and lush olive groves and then sit and relax and enjoy a gorgeous picnic of Cretan meze in the very old forest of Krousta.

Greece, Crete – Adventure Gorge to Gulf Tour

An excellent wedding gift for a couple on honeymoon in Crete – is this fabulous action-packed tour that includes hiking, swimming, eating and cruising around the island during – what could be better! You will explore and old fortress on the tiny island of Spinalonga. Hike through an amazing lush green gorge with a local guide.

Afterwards, Hop on a speedboat to explore another fortress island in the Gulf of Elounda.  Discover all about the art of making traditional Greek dolmades during a traditional Greek lunch.  There is time to visit a local olive farm and try out some of the best olive oil or ‘green gold’ as it is known by the locals.

Greece, Crete – Made in Chania 

A fabulous gift idea for Greece and a special birthday for ladies who adore shopping! Firstly, enjoy a traditional breakfast of coffee and pastry at a quaint local eating spot. Then it is off on this wonderful shopping tour that disregards mass-produced goods and digs up genuine finds. You will be taken to local workshops, where you can meet with the craftsmen who making the jewellery, ceramics, wooden pieces, pottery, paintings and delightful hand-made souvenirs. You can even test your own artistic skills with a mini lesson in one of the studios!

Greece, Crete – Private Bohemian Sunset Tour

A very romantic gift idea for honeymooners – watching the fabulous sunset go down – especially with plenty of good food and strong spirits! Venture into the city’s alleyways, and hear about mythical tales.  Discover the bohemian side of Crete, from quaint workshops to chic cafés and bars.  Treat yourself to the amazing organic ice cream accompanied with a shot of Cretan moonshine, commonly known as the famous Raki –  do be careful though as it is very powerful!

Book that special gift idea for Greece today and light up a loved one’s face!