How to get more group bookings for your tour company

If you want to get more group bookings for your tour company, you should look at marketing to the specific type of people you want to attract.

This may include approaching businesses about team building activities or school trips, hen or stag parties.

If you are a tour or activity provider with a service that particularly appeals to groups, a central part of your marketing strategy should be reaching out to these people.

Target groups

Try to offer an incentive if you are looking at attracting more groups to your tours, such as the organiser goes free or offering a group discount. Paintballing birthday parties for example can prove expensive for parents if no discounts are available.


Google AdWords allow your tour and activity company to show ads to potential customers who are searching on Google for the service or product you provide. Plan your strongest keywords, include the region where you are based in your ad copy, and track your conversions. Another advantage is that it works on a pay per click (PPC) basis, so you only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Videos and images

Market your activities as ideal for groups and it will be easier to attract your target client base. To get started, you can make sure to include high quality photos and videos of larger groups enjoying a range of your activities or tours.

You can also collect testimonials from groups to use when promoting your tour company.

Booking system

To attract group bookings, make sure your booking system is easy to use and fully functioning and that your activity listings are up-to-date and allow for larger bookings without leaving you overbooked and overworked.

Tour types and niche markets

It might be tempting to try to offer several different types of tours — such as a wine tour, a city tour and an eco-tour — but being a jack-of-all-trades will not allow you to narrow down a niche market.

In fact, people may turn away from your company because you don’t have a specific focus, and they will not view you as an expert. Get more group bookings for your tour company by targeting the right people from the word go.

By becoming the one company in the region where a group of people can come to get the type of experience they desire, you can focus on a niche market.

You will be considered the specialist, and you will generate more bookings by focusing on a target audience that is very interested in the products that you offer.

Partnering with another company

Another way to get more group bookings for your tour company is to a partner with another company in your area offering activities to enhance the experience of your customers. If you run a wine tour for example, see if you can partner with a restaurant or bar that will offer a service to your customers during their tour.