Free ways to market your tour company

If you are unsure how best to market your tour company without breaking the bank, take a look at our top tips to create a strong marketing campaign.

Send press releases to local media outlets whenever you have a company announcement or news of a new tour for example.
Updating your local Google business listing and keeping up to date on how to manage it is one of the best free ways to market your tour company.

Find a social media site that pertains to your exact business and participate. Be helpful, provide relevant and useful information, and your word of mouth advertising will grow from that engagement.

Build a Google+ page for your business and follow businesses that are related to your product or service niche. Share informative and relative content and link to your profile from your website.

Write unique HTML page titles for all of your pages. This is still extremely important, don’t skimp on this one. Share your photos on Flickr – get a profile, write descriptions, and links to your website. However don’t share photos you don’t own or have permission to use.

Start a blog. There’s nothing wrong with getting the basics of blogging down by using a free service from Blogger or WordPress. A clean and relevant incoming link profile is important.

One of the best free ways to market your tour company is to create a planned schedule adding posts on social media etc.

Make a slideshow of your products or record an original how-to video and upload to YouTube. Be sure to optimise your title and descriptions. Once it’s uploaded, write a new page and embed the video on your own Web site. Add a transcription of the video if possible.

Build a Facebook Page and work to engage those that are interested in your product or service. Facebook is so much more robust than it ever was! Create groups, events, and photo albums. Link to your Facebook profile from your site and allow visitors to your site to like and share your content. It is also relatively inexpensive to promote or boost your posts on Facebook.

Start using Twitter in a much more effective way – it’s a great way to network with like-minded individuals.

In addition to social media advertising one of the best free ways to market your tour company is to partner with another business. Your marketing will be done by the website, in return for a commission if your tours are booked through their site.

Try a new way to write an ad for a struggling PPC ad group or campaign.

Review your Google Analytics In-Page insights and take note of how users are interacting with your page. Where to they click, what is getting ignored. Make changes based on this knowledge.

Set up a Google Content Experiment through your Analytics account and test with the information you obtained and changes you made in number 27.

Build a map at Google Maps and add descriptions for your storefront, locations, and nearby useful points of interest. Make your map public and embed it on your own website.

Add links back to relevant content on your site if possible to each point of interest.