Food Tour of Zagreb – what there is to see and do

If you want to experience cultural diversity and get a feel for life in Croatia, head to the capital. Zagreb is the largest city in the country, attracting over half a million tourists each year. If you wish to indulge in a food tour of Zagreb, then you won’t go hungry.

That’s a lot of mouths to feed. Along with there being plenty to see and do in Zagreb, you will find bars and restaurants on every street. It may be that you’re after just a quick bite, wanting to grab something cheap and cheerful or booking a table at a fancy restaurant.

When it comes to sampling authentic cuisine, then it’s always best to find out where the locals eat. Often these aren’t going to be on the main roads, but hidden away off the beaten track. One way of getting to find these hidden gems is to join a food tour.

There’s an added bonus too, as while you go from one stop to another, you’re getting a walking tour of Croatia thrown in for free. Everyone can find one of the famous American burger chains or pizza houses, but with Tastes of Croatia you will get a real food tour of Zagreb.

Food Tour of Zagreb – Tastes of Croatia

We recommend this particular tour for a number of reasons, but mainly because we want you to experience the real Croatia. Your guide will greet you in Ban Jelacic Square, so you can already tick the statue of Josip Jelačić off your to do list.

Find out more about the Croatian way of life as you see the local farmers at work on Dolac Market. As the tour takes place in the morning, you don’t need to worry about breakfast before you leave your hotel. Included within the price of your tour is a traditional breakfast in Zagreb’s upper town, but that’s not or you cover during the 2.5 hours.

You will then get the chance to sample Croatian food at its finest. With all the regions covered, from truffles found along the Istrian coastline and seafood from Dalmatia, to the popular homemade treat of Štrukli.

It’s thirsty work as you walk around the capital, so luckily this experience will keep you hydrated with a glass of rakija. It’s believed improve blood circulation among other beneficial properties. Just as importantly, it gives you a chance to stop for breathe and chat to those who have lived through Croatia’s more turbulent times.

Then it will soon be lunchtime and what better to snack on than some award winning cheese and biscuits. There’s a local bar in Zagreb that will lay out a great taster session, with cheeses that are often infused with herbs and a return of the truffles we mentioned earlier.

As for the rest of your holiday, there’s lots to see and do in Zagreb. So go ahead and start booking your tours today.