Why go on a Food Tour in Zagreb

Why go on a Food Tour in Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb is the amazing capital of Croatia and is certainly competing with other well known European cities as a popular city-break destination. It has much to offer with culture, arts, music, architecture and superb gastronomy! As well as having fantastic ancient sites to visit, there are plenty of restaurants, cafes, bars and cute bistros. They provide an intimate and atmospheric inside, with terraces outside on the streets.

These bistros are hugely popular due to the friendly staff and quality of the dishes, serving a host of gorgeous food. Dishes such as wok-fries using local ingredients and spices. Tapas dishes and also high quality fast-food outlets are also popular. You can enjoy freshly made spicy burgers, deli sandwiches and a vast array of veggie snacks. There are also extensive wine lists on offer, all at really good prices.

Whether you want a quick lunch or an epic get-together with friends then Zagreb is the place to be!  Take a look at these superb food torus on offer:

Private Food Tour in Croatia, Zagreb (Tastes of Croatia) 

This is a fantastic private tour that will give you more time and is tailored to small groups. It will take you through the Dolac market stalls, taverns, and local restaurants of the city. This fun-filled foodie journey allows you to spend time meeting the local farmers. Enjoying delicious local cuisine such as truffles from Istria and seafood from Dalmatia.

You will start your day enjoying a traditional Zagreb breakfast at a famous tavern in Upper Town. Hear how various culinary traditions of Croatia have come together. Every region of the country have their own special customs when it comes to cooking, you will be sampling dishes that embrace them all.

To finish off your day, try some of Croatia’s award-winning cheeses. Don’t forget to sample Zagreb’s cherished local dish Štrukli (dough layered with soft cheese and boiled or baked).

Private Food Tour in Croatia, Zagreb (Wine and Dine)

Another fantastic private tour designed for more individual requirements! You may not think of Croatia as a main wine producing country. However, on this tour you will soon discover why Croatian wine will be top of your wine list from now on! You will be told all you need to know about the extensive history of their wine production. The local wine experts will explain about the country’s modest ties to Zinfandel. You will visit many excellent wine bars in Zagreb and enjoy the various wines on offer. There is plenty of

Wine-tasting and snacking on traditional Croatian treats and cheeses with your own private guide accompanying you.

You will also indulge in a five course dinner. Taste the very best wine pairings with a selection of quality Croatian cheeses to finish your delicious meal.

Wine & Dine Zagreb 

This is more or less the same itinerary as the experience but a more regular tour, ideal for those travelling alone. You will still chat to the local wine experts and enjoy local wines at the greatest wine bars in Zagreb. Just you will do so while making new friends!  Your local expert food and wine guide will take you to on a wonderful informative evening. Sample the gorgeous traditional Croatian delicacies and cheeses, while tasting seven different types of wine.

Enjoy an evening walk through the streets of Zagreb and learn all about the wine making secrets that have gone on for decades and also discover the country’s ties to Zinfandel.

Food Tour in Croatia, Zagreb (Tastes of Croatia)

With a similar itinerary as above but unlike the private tour, you get to make new friends.  This amazing experience takes you through the bustling market stalls that are piled high with their produce. You will visit the unique taverns, and local restaurants of Zagreb with fellow travelers.

As you eat and enjoy the delicious food, you will hear all about the stories behind the many diverse culinary traditions of Croatia. Even the lesser known areas have their own individual traditions when it comes to food and drink. With this food tour you will be tasting dishes of wonderful cuisine that best symbolize each one.  At the end of the tour, enjoy a tasting of some of Croatia’s highly successful cheeses!

Joining any of the food tours is easy, just click on the tour title today and you will be well prepared for your forth-coming holiday.