Experience France – Top 10 Experience Holidays

At last, that long-planned holiday is coming up so why not make it really memorable and get the best experience possible – treat yourself to something a little different and take a look at the top ten experience holidays in France!

Truffle Hunting

A really unusual top ten experience is truffle hunting! The elusive fungus has a long history in the South of France, with the honoured black truffle being named after the historic area of Périgord. There is a fantastic truffle hunting experience set in the Provence where you will discover an insight into truffle farming and hunting with two dogs.

Wine Tasting

Why not brush up on your knowledge of wine as the South of France has some of the world’s most extravagant vintages and absolutely hundreds of quality vineyards to choose from! Take a look at the famous Bordeaux wineries that are tailored especially for people wanting a few distinctive rare bottles for the cellar.

Live it up on a yacht – Aqua Cruise

This is definite a top ten holiday experience in France – living it up on a luxury yacht, whilst partying like a celebrity! You can hire boats that can accommodate anywhere from 20 to 200 people. Why not enjoy a cocktail or two and tour the Côte d’Azur whilst heading down to St Tropez from Cannes. There are plenty of tour operators with a fantastic range of options.

Have a ride in a Lamborghini

Can you imagine, travelling around in this luxurious style! Lots of rental agencies in France, mean that you can do just that in either an Aston Martin, a Lamborghini, a Maserati or a perhaps Rolls Royce. What are you waiting for – get driving around the countryside in a classy car whilst do doubt turning a few heads along the way.

Flight seeing over the Rivera

A truly holiday experience in France – a private whirlybird to spirit you away ducking and diving in the air over the Côte d’Azur, the views are awe-inspiring – so do ensure you have your camera at the ready!

Monte-Carlo Casino

Whether you are a risk-taker or not! This is a wonderful experience if you are staying in or near the famous Côte d’Azur. So, if you have the appropriate attire (not everywhere enforces a dress code)) why not try out one of Monte Carlo’s superb casinos? The Casino de Monte Carlo is the most prestigious – and you never know you might get very lucky!

A hot air balloon ride

A fabulous way to see the South of France’s beautiful countryside – it is also very romantic! So whether you fancy a flight for the adrenaline or more as a romantic gesture – it is an experience you will never forget. There are plenty of amazing flights across France; a very popular one is over the Pyrenees and Provence.

Gardens of the French Riviera walking tour

Based in the centre of Nice is the Old Town and during this amazing week in the Côte d’Azur, garden visits will be combined with local walks, allowing you to see the French Riviera and all it has to offer. Garden lovers will enjoy every bit of this experience and it does make a lovely gift for anyone visiting the South of France.

Cycling in Normandy

A wonderful experience to cycle off and tour the D-Day beaches and resorts; Normandy is ideal for a short cycling break. There is plenty of accommodation along the way, but probably better to use an organised tour. You can enjoy a week-long guided or self-guided tour from the Pays d’Auge to Bayeux via the D-Day beaches, cycling about 30 miles each day. T

Sailing and sand-yachting, Brittany

A wonderful place to learn to sail as nearly every seaside town has a sailing school. For a delightful taste on the water, spend a fabulous day aboard the Krog E Barz, which is a replica of a 1910 lobster-fishing boat based at Port-Navalo. You can hoist up the mainsail or even take the helm on variety of daily summer outings.