Exciting experience holidays in Germany

Some of the most exciting experience holidays in Germany take place in the famous cities of Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich.

Now very popular for family holidays Germany, which is bordered by Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Belgium offers a diverse range of attractions.

One of the most beautiful places for a summer holiday in Germany is Bavaria, with its stunning landscapes and picturesque scenery. In the winter months, it Germany is extremely popular with winter sport enthusiasts.

Exciting experience holidays in Germany may also include wine tasting with a local expert, or a city food tour.

The capital city of Berlin offers a variety of attractions and experiences for tourists to enjoy. While there, you can book a range of activities and experiences to suit all tastes and budgets. Berlin is well known for the historical past of Germany.

The Berlin wall is the most famous historical site in Berlin. Also, the lively bars and clubs are filled with people every night. Experience the cafes, bars and restaurants of Berlin by booking a city walking tour where local guides will teach you all you need to know about this famous city.

Frankfurt is yet another famous city in Germany. It is situated in the central state of Hesse, which is famous for two things: the international airport and its futuristic skyline. The city is famous for the large number of museums and cultural attractions. Visitors can enjoy a diverse range of exhibitions in local museums which also boast stunning architecture.

If you are planning to visit Germany in June, experience the famous Kieler Woche Festival. This week long festival takes place at the harbour of Kiel. Ships and boats come from all over the world to take part in this event. You can see the oldest to the newest German ships, military ships, sailing crafts and old tall ships.

Rhine in Flames is yet another famous festival in Germany. The event combines drinking and dancing, fireworks and music. People gather at the banks of the Rhine River with food and drink to watch the magnificent fireworks. A ship parade also accompanies the firework festival.

Munich is the third largest city in the country and capital of Bavaria. The city is famous for the Oktoberfest Festival. This beer and wine festival takes place in October in Munich every year. With hundreds of beers on offer, a vast range of wines, mouth-watering sausages, and men wearing Lederhosen, millions of people visit Munich during the festival. This is one festival well worth visiting.

Experience holidays in Germany include a vast range of adventure tours, sports tours and wine and food tours.