Dynamic marketing tips for tour companies

If you are looking for dynamic marketing tips for your tour company, consider a remarketing campaign to ensure more prospective customers see your ads. Digital advertising will ensure that you optimise your target market with ads by reviewing customer demographics and targeting the right customer group for your tour or activity company. Choose the age range, the gender or the location of people you want to target.

Cross-selling and partnering online companies

Partner online tour companies who will help to market your tours in return for a commission on tours booked through their efforts. Partnership deals often result in win-win situations for both companies and will also increase your tour sales and traffic to your website.

Reach out to tour companies to discuss co-marketing ideas and insist on having an ad or direct link placed somewhere on their website.

Social media presence

Make sure you keep up a strong social media presence and open up as many channels as possible for customers to get to know all about your latest offers, tours and deals. Facebook advertising is also a great way to get your message ‘out there’ and is relatively inexpensive compared to pay-per-click marketing.

Encourage followers to send in photos, reviews and interact with you. Social media is a valuable asset for any independent company or small business looking to attract new customers or build their online presence.

Custom tours for a specific market

Customise your tours for your own specific market and only link up with other companies that will enhance your tours. If you offer wine tours for example, why not partner with a local restaurant who offers local produce for lunch or dinner?

Create individual ad campaigns for these packages as part of your display ads online marketing strategy and promote the special packages across your website, in blog posts, and with links in any offline marketing materials that you distribute regularly.

Invite celebrities

Local celebrities are rarely shy about sharing new experiences and may be more than willing to promote their experience with your company on their social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, or in a blog post. This can be a simple and effective way to generate some interest around your company and encourage people to book a similar experience. Contact presenters of local radio shows, for example.


Another of the most dynamic marketing tips for tour companies is to call in the graphic designers if you are not happy with the style or look of your website. If you haven’t already got a style for your brand (or it’s looking dated), call in the pros. A good designer will work with you to craft a style guide that will tie your branding together. Talk to the designer about your brand and help them to understand your ideal customer. Different colours and styles will work for different customers.