Day tours in Cyprus

Day tours in Cyprus are one of the most popular ways to see this stunning island ‘up close and personal.’

Cyprus day tours are also perfect if you don’t want the hassle of driving yourself. Cyprus has more tourist attractions and places of interest than you will find in most European countries.

The trick is to get as much sightseeing in as possible during a day tour of Cyprus without stressing yourself out.

A great idea may be to have a Cyprus excursion day followed by a “total chill out” the next day. Maybe a day lounging on one of the Islands beautiful beaches or just relaxing by the pool with some long cool drinks.

If you like history they have bags of it for you to see with everything from ancient Greek ruins to roman mosaic floors. Even empty tombs to stick your head into or more churches and monasteries than you could ever get around in a couple of weeks.
All these fabulous places of interest are on the Cyprus day tours hotlist so there is bound to be one that floats your boat (or bus).The resorts are littered with little shop front offices acting as a mix of car hire and Cyprus excursion agencies so you won’t have any problems finding somewhere to make your bookings. The coaches are very modern and will be equipped with air conditioning so you won’t need to worry about the hot Cyprus sun but remember to take a hat for when you get off.

Most of the larger Cyprus excursions will pick you up near or right outside your hotel and drop you off there again in the afternoon.

Your trip will come complete with your friendly and knowledgeable Cyprus excursion tour guide too. They will be an absolute mine of information about Cyprus culture and maybe even tell you a few good jokes too to while away the journey.

You can visit such places as the Troodos Mountains (skiing in winter) which is an area of outstanding national beauty as well as being a conservation area. Visit the visitor centre in the Troodos village where you can learn all about the area. Lovers of the great outdoors can enjoy a choice of scenic walks around the village.

If you are seeking Cyprus day trips of a more adventurous nature you may want to try a jeep safari. These excursions also come complete with the knowledgeable Cyprus tour guide but he also doubles up as the driver too.

Some of the destinations include nature reserves in the mountains inaccessible to cars and coaches or secluded beaches which can often only be reached with a 4×4. There is even a jeep safari to the ghost town of Famagusta in the North of Cyprus.
Another fascinating Cyprus day trip is to see the hotels that where shelled during the Turkish invasion of 1974 – now left derelict in the buffer zone between the North and South. Book away to your hearts content, see more of the Island and enjoy your Cyprus day tours.