Croatia Food Tour

Join a Croatia Food Tour in Zagreb or Split

It’s hard to pick out a specific tradition when it comes to eating out in Croatia, with each region having different specialities. In the mainland there’s a big influence from early Slavic recipes and neighbouring countries of Hungary and Turkey.

Then as you may expect along Croatia’s coastline, seafood restaurants and tastes of the Mediterranean are in abundance. Italian cooking has seen Croatian fish dishes refined over the years from their Greek and Roman heritage.

Below we focus on 2 very different cities. The capital of Zagreb in the North and Split in the Dalmatian region, along south coast.

Wine & Dine Zagreb

Zagreb is only a short distance away from the Slovak and Hungarian borders, making a great example of the different culture inland. This Wine & Dine tour is also a fantastic introduction to Croatia’s increasingly popular fine wines.

European wine has always favoured the big vineyards of Italy and France, but Croatia is definitely up there with the best of them. In fact on this tour you will learn about the ties to Zinfandel, along with the all-important tasting sessions.

It’s not just about wine though, for the tour will include enough snacks and tapas dishes to provide you with a light dinner. Prices start from around £87 per person.

Private Zagreb: Wine & Dine Tour

Booking the Wine & Dine Tour as a private tour in Zagreb, you can expect all the benefits of the regular tour but with your own personal guide. It could be there’s a big enough group of you that you don’t need to worry about joining others on your tour. Maybe you’re away on a romantic weekend break, in which case book the tour just for you and your partner.

It works out slightly more expensive at £140 per person, but you do get extra for your money. Enjoy a sit down 5-course dinner, paired with Croatia’s best wine selection.

Tastes of Croatia

Experts will tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is where it all starts with Tastes of Croatia. Although before you tuck into a traditional Zagreb breakfast, you will first visit the Dolac Market.

You will get to sample local produce at the market, as well chatting to the farmers and other stall owners. Expect to eat homemade bread and local cheeses, as you watch the centre of Zagreb’s food hall come alive.

After you’ve finished breakfast then it’s time to eat plenty across the city. Truffles from Istria, seafood from Dalmatia, local favourite Štrukli (cheese and pastry) along with Croatian drinks such as gemišt and rakija.

Leave room for some award-winning cheese, as the Tastes of Croatia food tour takes you to a special cheese bar. Your guide will leave you where it all began at Ban Jelacic Square, but not before presenting you with a surprise desert.

Prices start from £60 per person.

Private Zagreb: Tastes of Croatia Tour

Just like the private take on the Wine and Dine tour, this tour gives you the opportunity to enjoy Tastes of Croatia at your own pace. It could be that you don’t want to be rushed as you carry out some shopping in Dolac Market. Maybe you want to start off your day with an extra coffee over breakfast.

Either way, on a private tour your guide can be more flexible than if you’re spending time with people you’ve only just met. That said, don’t get too relaxed – there’s still a lot to get through in the 3 hours! Private Zagreb starts from £127 per person.

Made in Croatia: Crafts & Cuisine

With a local guide by your side, you will soon uncover the backstreets of Zagreb on this unique craft and food tour.

At just £27 per person, including a free gift, you will be taken on a walking tour with a local guide who loves shopping as much as you do. This isn’t just any shopping trip though, as it combines crafts & cuisine produced by the locals.

The tour starts at a local bakery, where you can try some samples and meet the bakers. Next you’ll be in for a treat, with an insight into the best places to buy Croatia’s sought after truffles. Then its samples of popular cheeses and olive oils, both from award winning suppliers.

As well as some fantastic food, the tour also takes you to the workshops of local artists. Including a jewellery maker, where you will receive a hand-made gift with your name on it!

Dalmatian Wine and Dine, Split

Of course, not everyone visits the capital of Zagreb. The Croatian beaches also attract the tourists with Split being a popular holiday destination.

As we’ve already outlined, the food culture on the coast is different to that inland. The way of life is more relaxed, with busy cafes often replaced by Mediterranean restaurants. It also means that you can enjoy healthy options, without skimping on quality.

You will have a chance to enjoy the regions olive oil, along with a traditional Dalmatian platter. It may include a combination of smoked ham, octopus and Adriatic anchovies.

We haven’t forgotten about the wine though, as the vineyards nearby provide Split with some fine whites and full bodied. Enjoy food and wine samples with your own guide all from £73 per person.

Private Split: Dalmatian Wine & Dine Tour

Just as you get when visiting a private food and drink tour in Zagreb, the south offers a personal tour with Private Split. This one starts at around £104 per person. Perfect if you’re travelling in a larger group of friends, family or on a work outing.

If you’re going solo then by all means book a tour for yourself, but you may be charged for 2 people. That said, imagine touring Split with your own personal guide, one-to-one. You will get taken to all the best places to eat and drink, but all the samples are just for you!

Visiting Croatia this year? The why not book your Croatian Food Tour today and look forward to enjoying some fantastic food during your holiday.