Sightseeing in France

Bus Tour in Paris, Sightseeing Tour in France

Paris is the romantic and historical capital of France and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is also home to the famous historical Eiffel tower. Other historical monuments include the Notre Dame, Bastille, Louvre and many more. Getting around the city is easy, a bus tour in Paris is just one way of sightseeing in France.

There are so many amazing museums and art galleries including the Centre Pompidou, National Museum of Natural History, and Musee d’Orsay. Euro Disney is just on the outskirts of Paris and a holiday in itself, ideal for those with children!

In the summertime the banks of Seine are a popular seaside resort for those wanting to just relax and soak up the sun.

There are fantastic restaurants and art nouveau cafes where you can enjoy the unique French cuisine. Paris does boast it is home to some of the world’s most finest and expensive restaurants – but do not be dismayed. There are plenty of affordable places to enjoy beautiful food and quaint restaurants where you can dine on fabulous food for €20 a head.

Also, do not forget that Paris has some very stylish shopping boutiques, which are of course, the city’s specialty. Paris is home to the famous fashion brands of Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior or Yves Saint Laurent. The luxurious stores are mainly situated along the boulevards of Paris, however smaller shops are scattered throughout the capital.

For all you bargain hunters out there – Paris has two sales periods. The summer sales begin around 25th June and finish the end of July.  Winter sales start around 8th January each year.

Sightseeing Tours in Paris

Whether you are visiting Paris for a week or just weekend, deciding on what to see and how to spend your time can seem rather overwhelming. However, there are plenty of tours that visit all of the famous attractions. Plus there are various ways of getting yourself around the city.

You may prefer a walk – obviously it is good exercise and there is so much to see on foot! Perhaps a stroll down the Champs-Élysées through the Jardin des Tuileries where you can stop and marvel at the Louvre. Continuing down Rue Rivoli into the original part of Paris and visit Notre Dame, a stunning Gothic church. It is probably best to arrive there early to avoid the lines to the famous Bell Tower.

There is of course the Paris Metro which is the oldest and one of the best systems in the world. The train service is exceptional and travels outside the city with plenty of stops in central Paris. You can use your metro ticket on the train or the regular bus service, a pleasurable way to get acquainted with the city.

Bus Tour in Paris

Hop-on/hop off bus tours are an easy way to get around Paris. Ideal if you are looking to visit a lot of popular attractions or after a guided tour. Take a look at the two most popular Hop On/Hop Off bus tours:

Hop On/Hop Off Bus Tour (L’Open Tour)

The L’Open bus tour in Paris is a fantastic way to see the city. It provides 4 tour routes around Paris and stops at more than 50 attractions and places of interest around the city.

You can hop-on and off the double decker buses as often as you like. All 4 tours inter-connect to enable you to cross from one tour route to another.  You can take as much time as you want to explore the sights and attractions before jumping on the next bus to carry on with your tour. While on board the buses you can enjoy a complete guided commentary through your personal earphones.

The buses run every 10-15 minutes in the summer and 20-30 minutes in the winter from 9.30am to 6.00pm. Tickets available are valid for one or two day passes.

Hop On/Hop Off Bus Tour (Must-see Sights)

This particular Hop-on, Hop-off bus tour in Paris is more condensed and perhaps a better way to travel if you don’t not have much time. It has two sightseeing routes that will still take you to all the famous must-see sights!  The Red Route will visit the classics, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe. The Blue Route visits the creative commune of Montmartre.

As everyone will tell you, don’t go to Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower. After all, it’s one of the most famous monuments in the world. Standing at 324 metres it is also the tallest building in Paris.

On your bus tour you can hop off at the Champ de Mars, a beautiful scenic lawn area. There is also the must-see fabulous Musee du Louvre – the world notorious museum which boasts 35,000 works of art.  Then the next stop -Notre Dame Cathedral, a work of genius due to the Gothic architecture. If you are an avid art lover – the Musee d’Orsay is the place for you, holding the best Impressionist painting collection in the world.

There are three different types of tickets:

  • The Classic – which is a one day Hop-on, Hop-off tour of Paris that visits the best tourist attractions
  • The Premium – a two day Hop-on, Hop-off tour that visits the city’s celebrated landmarks
  • The Deluxe – which combines a two day Hop-on, Hop-off tour and a relaxing cruise on the beautiful River Seine!

So whatever you decide, pre-book your bus tour in Paris ready for your holiday – it will take a load off your mind and save valuable time!