How to boost your marketing strategy – tour operators

If you want to boost your marketing strategy for your tour company, it is vital you listen to the right advice for your business.

There are plenty of ways you can market yourselves in a creative way that doesn’t involve too much hard work on your part, but result in more sales and revenue.

Most consumers are not committed to certain brands, so it is most important that you offer value for money in a competitive market.

Travel review sites are a massive part of the tour industry now and up to 82% of travelers check out sites such as TripAdvisor before booking a tour or holiday.

Some creative ways to market your tour company include:

Create a plan

Without an effective marketing plan you will be struggling.

Creating a tourism marketing plan may be the most important thing you do for your internet marketing. Without a plan in place you’ll have a difficult time achieving your goals, have a hard time keeping track of what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and if it’s even being effective!

The most effective marketers and marketing agencies are those with a detailed plan in place that they use to guide their marketing actions.

Boost your Marketing Strategy

Creating a tourism marketing plan allows you to map out your step-by-step process to success, so start creating a marketing strategy document that you regularly update as your strategy changes.

Partnering with another company is the perfect way to boost your marketing strategy for your tour company.

Partnering with another company has massive advantages, including free marketing, someone else selling your tours in return for a commission and your company being included in all promotional materials.

Online influencers

Another way of boosting your marketing strategy for your tour company is by using online influencers as a way of marketing for hospitality and tourism agencies is becoming more and more popular for a reason. It works!

Influencers are people who have established a following around their personal online brand. Think bloggers, YouTube vloggers, Instagrammers, etc.

Many influencers have large followings and a highly engaged audience. They have been creating content for a specific niche for a long time and their audience is always happy and even eager to see more from them.

So what do you do? Find an influencer that caters to your industry and set up an exchange. It’s a win-win. You help them create content and experience something new and you get to expose your business to a new audience.

Create a regional guide

Travellers are the lifeblood of the tour industry. Therefore your tourism marketing needs to be focused around their wants and needs.

Most of them won’t know your area as well as a local would, and a fun, informative guide is something that they would consider extremely valuable.

Make the guide easy to read and understand. No matter how good it is, very few people will read it word for word. Include lots of ideas for things to do and places to see, as well as all of the other information you feel is important to know about your area. Name it ‘an insider’s guide’ for example so that tourists feel they will be seeing places other tourists don’t get to see.