The best ways to market your tour company

One of the best ways to market your tour company is by launching a competition.

Competitions have become an internet sensation in the marketing world, and offer you the chance to market your tour company in a dynamic way.

Promoting your own competition is easy on Facebook, Twitter or on your site and encourages the people you want to book your tours to interact with you in a fun way.

For example, challenge a group of people—this could be your email subscribers or Facebook fans—to do something for a certain amount of days.

Create a fun competition related to your niche and get your existing customers to help spread the word via email, social media, etc. If for example you are selling tours in a certain location, challenge your Facebook fans to tell you what they would do in that location during a 7 day visit. Ask them to share what they would do each day with their Facebook friends.

When the week is up choose one winner and award them a tour in the region of their choice as a prize.

Competitions like the one described above can be used to create plenty of user-generated content. People love real-life examples of others using your product or visiting your destination.

The trust generated from a positive review or even a challenge photo will be highly influential and help others get to know your brand. People buy from brands they like and trust!

In addition to competitions, it is worth remembering that every business has something special that nobody else does. Whether it’s the regions your tour company include, exclusive vineyard visits or off-road tours to places other companies don’t go to, a unique selling point is something to highlight.

In tourism internet marketing, these types of campaigns highlight the human side of your business and build trust with the people exposed to it.

If a member of your team bring their pet to work for example, share their experiences with videos, images and funny content – this type of post will always be shared. This is one of the best ways to market your tour company and is relatively easy.

One of the most important parts of any tourism marketing plan is to know who you’re selling to. If you don’t focus your approach, your efforts will get lost in the ether amongst the droves of competition in your highly competitive industry. Work out who you are targeting and plan a Facebook campaign, for example, using demographics to reach them.

If you’re trying to get more couples to book your tours, target women who are engaged on Facebook and start putting your tours in front of them. Offer a honeymoon special with special treats like champagne, chocolates, and a romantic dinner included if they book directly with you.

When considering the best ways to market your tour company, make your message different from that of your competitors is by highlighting the things that are new and exciting in your area. Keep visitors in the know about important events and unique goings-on around you and those which are included in your tours.

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