Walking Tour Croatia

Walking Holidays in Croatia

Croatia has fast become a popular holiday destination in Europe during recent years, largely due to its coastline beaches and ancient history. The wine regions also attract many tourists, but walking holidays in Croatia are a great way to relax and cover even more at your own pace.

Among the favoured destinations are Zagreb and Split. The beautiful capital of Zagreb is set next to the Sava River, with the Medvednica Mountain. While Split is famous as home to Diocletian’s Palace, which has stood in existence since the 4th century.

Exploring these two cities are best done on foot, so why not book one of the below walking tours in Croatia, with a choice of 2 tours in Zagreb and 3 in Split. You can discover all the history with a local guide or delve into a fantasy world, behind the scenes with Game of Thrones.

Mix n Mingle Walking Tour of Zagreb

This tour is a great introduction to Zagreb, where you can walk alongside locals and tourists alike. It’s impressive what you can do in 4 hours when you put your mind to it. Or rather when you have a local guide helping out.

The walking tour in Zagreb takes in both the medieval upper town and the neo-Renaissance Lower town. In order to reach one from the other, take a novel ride on the worlds shortest funicular. The locals may rush up the steps, but at least a ride one way in the cable car should be on your to-do list.

As you take a stroll around Zagreb, your guide will point out all the sights. You will also get a chance to taste the best in local produce, with a trip to the busy market. Then there’s a look around the13th century St Mark’s Church and city Cathedral, a walk through the hidden underground tunnels and still enough time for coffee and cake.

Made in Croatia: Crafts & Cuisine

If you’re a shopaholic, fancy a bit of window shopping or just want to sample local cuisine this is a great walking tour in Zagreb. It combines some homemade crafts with locally produced artisan food, where you can meet the makers and walk the backstreets.

When the city centre becomes taken over by corporate chains, it may be difficult to find independent shops by yourself. This is where your local guide comes in, they know where the best places are – and not just because an online review has said so.

It’s the personal touch that counts on this walking tour. With a homemade gift to take home and a coffee and pastry included within the price.

Secrets of Split

This walking tour in Split starts off within the walls of Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site famously used in Game of Thrones. The 1,700 year old palace is a wonderful sight to behold, once home to 100’s under one roof.

Remember to dress respectfully for this walking tour, as you may have the chance to visit the cathedral. As such modest clothing is required, covering your shoulders and knees, but the entry will be worth it.

During the 3 hour tour there will be time for a snack, one inspired by Diocletian’s love of salad, a healthy option for your tour.

Wars, Warriors and Reforms

By joining the Wars, Warriors and Reforms walking tour in Split, you will gain inside knowledge about Croatia’s past. The historical tour will include the early days of the Diocletian and Roman empire, through to the fall of Yugoslavia.

The tour includes entry to the city museum and underground rooms at the palace. This in part, is where to find out more about the olden days. The Roman Empire conquered much of Europe during its reign with Croatia, previously part of the former Yugoslavia. Without the Romans, much of how we know life today would be almost unrecognisable.

Unlike all those years ago, the rise and fall of the former Yugoslavia is still very much part of modern history. During this walking tour in Croatia, learn the impact of Croatia’s independence from 1991, meeting those who lived through it.

Share stories with locals, discovering what it was like both before, during and after the conflict. As you come together and make new friends, your tour guide will provide your lunch.

Private Split: Game of Thrones Tour

If you want to escape from reality but still visit the tourist attractions of Split, here’s another perfect walking tour in Croatia. Especially for those who love the books and hit TV series Game of Thrones.

The cast and characters may not appear in person, but this walking tour certainly helps set the scene. Guided tours in Split will often return to Diocletian palace. Only this time in connection to the popular TV show. Likewise when you walk the cobbled streets, it’s not just about pointing out local bars and restaurants. You will feel like you’re walking in the footsteps of your favourite character.

What’s more, you can sit down and feast like a Lannister. Ever wanted to know what a medieval meal was really like? You can enjoy some traditional food during your tour as you sit head of the table.

Unlike the conventional version, guests on the Private Split: Game of Thrones Tour will just be those within your party. You don’t have to share your tour guide with anyone else! This gives more flexibility to personalise the tour along the way. If you feel like spending more time at the palace or take a longer walk getting there, it’s on your terms.

Go ahead and book your walking tour in Croatia today. If you’re not tempted by any of the above, then there are plenty more ideas of what to do in Croatia elsewhere on the Tourily site. Why not try something different as whatever you decide, you won’t leave Croatia disappointed.