How to attract more visitors to your tour website

If you are looking how to attract visitors to your tour website, it is important to introduce basic strategies that are well thought through.

However well designed your site is, if nobody knows about you are defeating the object of having an online presence. Put your website address on everything you produce that goes in the hands and in front of the eyes of your customers, distributors, and other audiences: in your email messages; on your brochures; on your letterhead; on handouts at presentations; on company vehicles; etc. Mention the address when you are speaking with potential customers and in audio communications.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

IF you want to attract more visitors to your tour website, the correct use of SEO is vital.

Optimize your website for indexing by search engines, and where possible get other sites to link to yours. Most of the popular search engines, including Google, base their rankings on keywords which are relevant to their business. You’ll usually need to be in the top 20-30 results for the most important related search terms to really benefit.

Add as much content as possible to be ranked higher.

Get your site listed and linked in portal websites covering tourism sectors, destinations, and lifestyles related to your offerings–generally, for free. Trade links with related sites. These activities not only help with search engine rankings, but will be a source of visitors by themselves.

Make sure your site has plenty of content that contains the search words or phrases your customers will use, if you include key search words and phrases in the page text and in the TITLE tags in your HTML pages, and if you can get a few dozen pages on related sites to link to your site.

Consider buying pay-per-click advertisements in popular search engines like Google and Yahoo! You’ll never pay more than you specify per click and per day, and these can be very effective while you are still working to build a search engine ranking that puts your website on the first page!

Consider writing articles for submission to Web article banks, sites which offer free articles for use in websites, email newsletters, and other communications.

Paid Web banner advertising can be cost-effective if properly targeted and timed, and if the message is right. The same holds true for ads in print and other media.

There are many techniques for attracting more visitors to your tour website but firstly you need to ask yourself who you want to attract, what you hope to gain and create a content plan for social media and blog posts.

Make sure you cover the technical basics like search engine optimisation, but don’t focus on technical tricks or spam methods–you may be removed from search engines and turn away potential customers. Offer quality content, find online partners to share links, and be a bold online networker!