Amazing tours of Crete

Amazing tours of Crete, Greece

There is just so much to do on the fabulous island of Crete, so if this is your holiday destination this year, take a look at these unusual and amazing tours of Crete on offer:

Bygone Crete Experience

Why not spend a full 11 hour day with your English guide and venture into a lesser known part of Crete. This fantastic outdoors experience takes you right back in time to the rural 19th century! Here you have the chance to soak up the rich Cretan culture and visit little villages following the hiking trails. The walking tour will take you through the oldest olive groves, historic sites and on to a medieval town, steeped in history. You will also visit and explore an abandoned monastery and make your way through an amazing green gorge!

The adventure does not end there. Once you have seen all the stunning ancient sites, you can have a bash at making your own bread in a wood-fire oven. Then indulge in
a home cooked Cretan meal made with fresh organic products, while learning all there is to know about the various Cretan herbs.

In Focus: Natural Treasures of Crete

Here you will enjoy a 4-hour visit to a place rather more different – a training centre committed to longevity by fully supporting small family businesses. You will discover how a local group of people are getting together and working to make small businesses on Crete more maintainable.

You will gain an invaluable and unforgettable experience into the Cretan culture and tradition through its mouth-watering unique flavours. Perhaps it will give you an insight into how you make your everyday life a bit more environmentally friendly.

After sampling various delicious pure olive oil samples, local cheeses and the amazing smoked apaki, you will enjoy tasting five different types of wines.

Why not join in a scavenger hunt around the area searching for the local herbs that are used in the foods and the medicines. You will definitely help make a difference with 30% of the cost of your tour going to supporte these rural small-scale businesses.

In Focus: A Night with the Gods Stargazing Tour

Well, if you are an avid star-gazer or a budding historian – this 4-hour tour is for you! Here you get a superb chance to delve into wonderful Greek mythology and astronomy. This star-studded experience is married up with a delicious traditional Minoan evening meal, which has been slow-cooked to perfection.

Crete is an idyllic place for stargazing and as the above tour – you will be supporting the local sustainability training centre, with 30% of the tour cost!  The resident astronomer will outline various constellations and planets, giving an insight into how ancient Greeks looked at the stars. Learn how they subsequently used them for mythology and how they calculated the future seasons. Indulge in mouth-watering ancient recipes slow cooked in conventional Minoan ceramic pots.

Tours of Crete

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