3 Amazing Tours in Bulgaria

There are amazing tours in Bulgaria, a fabulous country steeped in history and a rich cultural heritage. It is a mix of Western and Eastern cultures, with a distinct Roman influence. In fact Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe.

It was founded as the Republic of Bulgaria in the 7th century and is connected to two chief trade routes. One from eastern and northern Europe to the Mediterranean and one from central and western Europe to the Middle East.

Bulgaria’s history dates back to the Ottomans, and the Roman era. You will find Roman baths in Varna and Roman ruins in Sofia, along with a well preserved Roman theatre in Plovdiv. Today used for many plays and famous concerts.

Somewhat a mountainous country, Bulgaria has two chief ranges – the Balkan Mountains and the Rhodope Mountains. Around Bulgaria there are also a scattering of smaller ranges, including the Rila and Pirin mountains.  All of which have brilliant snow coverage – making it very popular for winter sports.

Like many holiday destinations, Bulgaria is extremely popular in the summer months. There are stunning seaside resorts, golden sandy beaches and a crystal blue sea. You can walk through charming picturesque villages and the famous Tsarevets castle, in the beautiful old capital Veliko Tarnovo. You can also visit the ancient town of Vidin, nestled alongside the Danube River. However don’t forget about the cultural, financial and enlightening capital, Sofia city.

Tours in Bulgaria

Below are 3 amazing food and sight-seeing tours to go on, where you can meet the lovely people of Bulgaria.

Authentic Experience in Bulgaria, Varna – Home Cooked Varna 

Firstly sit down with a local host and their family, ready to enjoy a home cooked meal in Varna, situated on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. Next help prepare tasty genuine Balkan cuisine, influenced by Asian, Mediterranean, and Eastern European. While you are enjoying your experience, chat with the family and learn all about their traditions.

Food Tour in Bulgaria, Sofia – Food, Heritage, and Culture Tour

How about this wonderful tour of Sofia with a local guide. You will visit the famous architectural sites and indulge in delicious local cuisine. Food samples include succulent meze meats platters, lukanka, babek, pastarma, along with the popular shopska salad and gorgeous sweet treats.

Afterwards to help wash it all down with, open a bottle of locally-produced wine or pour a glass of the refreshing ayryan drink.

Gastronomical Experience in Bulgaria, Sofia – Breakfast with Sofia 

Finally why not start your day off with an early mini-food feast in Sofia the capital of Bulgaria. After treat yourself to yummy traditional pastries, sweets and drinks all made by local producers. Designed to energise a day of sightseeing in this beautiful city.  During your tour enjoy a traditional banitsa with a refreshing yogurt drink called ayryan. Stroll along the street markets and sample fresh fruits and vegetables. Later take a well deserved rest and enjoy the best baklava in Sofia, washed down with the exceptional local drink ‘boza’. In addition you can keep a look out for one of Europe’s largest open air book markets, the famous university, the Parliament icon and Hagia Sofia Church.

Go ahead and pre-book your tours in Bulgaria today ready for your holiday. It will help take a weight off your mind and meanwhile save you valuable time!