Adventure tours in Germany

Berlin maybe Germany’s most famous city and capital, but if you are planning an adventure tour, take a trip through Bavaria and the Saar region.

Germany is a rich tapestry of towering mountains, aromatic pine-forests and glistening lakes, with enough diversity to keep adventure addicts coming back for more.

Whether you decide to soak up the culture, hike through verdant countryside or stay in a ‘chocolate-box’ village, you will find plenty of things to see and do.

Surrounded by endless forests with impressive alpine vistas, magnificent castles and frozen lakes, it’s easy to see why Germany inspired some of Europe’s most famous folk stories.

Guided adventure tours of Germany through the Saar region are great for families. They are leisurely and not too challenging, and also allow access to a range of cultural and historical sites. Cycle across the German countryside of sprawling mountains dotted with quaint villages, charming lakes, and incredible medieval castles.

Saarbrucken is also worth a visit. Tour the House of Villeroy & Boch in Mettlach, where you’ll learn the incredible history of the famed German manufacturer; enjoy the magnificent views of rolling hills and enjoy the rich character of the German countryside from the top of Saar Bow, an incredible natural wonder where the river twists back on itself in a tight bend.

This region is also famous for its wine tasting tours.

Another amazing place to visit is Lake Constance, on the border of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Lake Constance has scenic views fed by the Rhine and sits at the base of the Alps. A great place for an adventure tour of Germany, the lake is also one of the main sources of water for Germany. Take a boat tour, enjoy fresh caught fish from the lake at restaurants in the area, and some of the famous German Beer. Book a guided tour and hike into the Alps if you are feeling adventurous.

Travel along the Rhine in Germany and you will find an area rich in history and adventures around every turn. The castle at Wurzberg is on the World Heritage List and was partially destroyed during World War II. The castle was completely restored in Baroque style. The frescoes were repainted and panelling replaced. The gardens are landscaped in English style and wandering about the grounds will transport you back hundreds of years.

Travel a little further down the Rhine and you will come to Wertheim, a village where you will wander along cobbled streets lined with timber houses. The art of glass blowing has practised in the village for generations. Watch the artists create fragile art pieces.

Adventure tours in Germany are among the most popular types of holiday in the country and attract visitors from all over the world. If you are planning a trip to Germany, work out an itinerary before you leave home and book guided adventure tours to make the most of your stay.