Pyramid in Rome

Adventure holidays in Rome (the most amazing and unusual)

There are so many amazing trips for adventure holidays in Rome. If you are planning on travelling to Italy this year – then do check out these rather more unusual adventures:

2000 year old Pyramid in Rome

You may be wondering why there’s a 2000 year old Pyramid in the middle of Rome, after all we’re in Italy not Ancient Egypt. The reality is this is the result of an old trend during the Roman Empire to introduce Egyptian relics into people’s lives – much in the same way as we embrace foreign designs in our own homes.

Street Art in Ostiense

While much of Rome is made up of old marble and brick buildings, there is also a colourful side to the city. This is largely thanks to the local street art scene and alternative community. During your explorations around the Via Ostiense area you will also see a building covered in graffiti by the famous artist BLU.

House of the Owls

This is a place that only the locals seem to visit, probably because it’s not mentioned in many of your standard guide books. The surreal House of the Owls (Casina delle Civette) was originally built in 1840 and designed as a refuge from the more formal Villa Torlonia on the opposite side of the park.

Over the years, the building has seen many changes to the exterior, with the addition of turrets, porticos and very large stained glass windows. It is a fabulous place located in the small grounds of the neo-Classical villa. Something a little different to include into your adventure holidays in Rome.

Visit the Cats at the Scene of Julius Caesar’s Murder

Combine a bit of Roman history with giving some cats a big cuddle. It is here where Julius Caesar was murdered and you can also find the remains of Pompey’s Theatre. Although the spot marks the fall of the Roman General, it has also become a home to feral yet friendly cats. You can also visit the nearby Torre Argentina Roman Cat Sanctuary and drop off a small donation or maybe see they need a helping hand.

Art of the 21st Century

Do take time to visit the MAXXI (National Museum of the 21st Century Arts). A fantastic museum for those who love art. Plus its only a short tram ride from the city centre. It features pieces from both local and internationally recognized artists. It is also recognised as one of the top art galleries in the world. Unlike some of the other popular museums it isn’t free to enter. However it is worth every penny as you can easily spend a good couple of hours looking at the displays.

Adventure Holidays in Rome

Wherever you are looking to stay in Italy, you will find plenty of adventure holiday ideas in Rome.