Adventure holidays in Italy – the most amazing and the most unusual

Italy is an amazing paradise for outdoor lovers – so if you are looking for a mix of culture and action, here are some of the most amazing and unusual holiday adventures in Italy:

Snowshoeing in Dolomites

The beauty of snowshoeing is the most amazing and the most unusual adventure holiday in Italy – it takes you into beautiful snow-cladded landscapes that are not accessible to drivers or trekkers. You will explore the shore of Lago di Braies and the Fanes-Senne National Park, following old WW1 tracks and forest trails and learning about the region’s military history along the way.

Italian Alps Walking

If you enjoy moderate walking– take a trip to a quiet part of the Italian Alps. One day you will start a guided walk and another day go to a different area of our Cottian Alps to explore. You will walk through quaint villages, pretty flowers, and clear cold streams and breathe in pure fresh air to invigorate and refresh you whilst you enjoy our peaceful location up away from it all in the mountains.

Horse Riding and Fresco Hunting in Tuscany

This is a new riding experience that is tailored for riders who are also art lovers. There are four morning rides and the rest of the time riders are taken to visit frescoes in Florence, Arezzo, Siena and San Gimignano that are all completely different.

Mountain biking in Abruzzo and Molise

Definitely an unusual adventure holiday in Italy as the Dolomites have really extreme mountain biking trails, fewer crowds and stunning scenery Here you can explore the relative unknown area of Molise and Abruzzo in central Italy. Abruzzo has some of Italy’s wildest terrain Try riding the trails in Abruzzo National Park or the tratture paths in Molise.

Cave exploring in Le Marche

Another fantastic amazing adventure holiday in Italy – is the least explored Le Marche region of Italy. However, what attracts tourists to the region is the Grotte di Frasassi, some of Italy’s most amazing caves. You will love exploring the stalactite and stalagmite formations in the manye underground caverns.

Snorkelling in Sicily

Sicily and the Aeolian Islands are renowned for clear waters, plenty of fish and lots of nooks and crannies to explore. Surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, snorkelers can explore all three sides of the island. There’s also a sea cave to explore called the Grotto Azzurra of Taormina.

Wind-Surfing on Lake Garda

The enormous Lake Garda is not only a beautiful holiday spot but a prime wind-surfing location due to the non-stop winds. The wind known as the Pelér blows from north to south early morning while the Ora blows from south to north in the afternoon until evening. It is best to head to the northern part of the lake to enjoy the best wind surfing. There are lots of windsurf centres along the coastline to choose from!