Activity holidays – a different way to see Spain

Spain’s wonderful climate, varied terrain and stunning areas of natural beauty make it an ideal place for multi-active adventures. So whether you are trying out a new activity or want to see Spain in a more unusual way – then take at look at these different types of active holidays on offer:

Altiplano de Granada Activity Holiday

This is a very different active way to see Spain – in an unspoiled corner of the country that combines activities with stunning landscapes. Altiplano de Granada sits in the corner of Andalucía which boasts fabulous historical and archaeological sites. There are plenty of exciting outdoor and unusual activities available here which are suitable for all ages, including canyoning, kayaking and horse riding. You do not need any previous experience as all the activities can be adapted for everyone in your party.

Catalan Horse Riding

If you are wanting a horse riding holiday in Spain, look no further than Catalonia as its a fantastic place to get started. Probably an eight day horse riding trip is the best length of time for beginners as well as experienced riders. There are excellent choices of horses from young stallions to experienced mares and all riders are matched with a horse that is best for their ability. The horse riding lessons take place in the ring whilst trekking, jumping, and buggy rides are built into daily activities.

Pyrenees Activity Holiday

A wonderfully different and active way to see Spain and especially the Pyrenees – is a centre based activity holiday. The Pyrenees is probably better known for its skiing. However, in summer, you can try out some of its other exciting and thrilling experiences. Each day can be different, with hiking in Siscaro National Park one day, and cycling in Cortals Valley the next day.  There are plenty of other adrenalin filled challenges with a support vehicle in attendance at all times, in case you want to change choices.

Climbing in Andalucía

A rock-climbing adventure is a very active and also a special way to see Spain especially the breath-taking region of Andalucía, which is the premier destination for rock climbing! You will explore the exciting rock faces and demanding climbs of El Chorro and the beautiful surrounding area of North Malaga. There are over 1,000 routes to choose from in El Chorro and you will definitely find climbs that are intended to stretch you, whatever your ability.

Trail and Mountain Running in Costa Blanca

This is a fantastic trail running week which includes 5 guided runs in the stunning Costa Blanca Mountains a few miles inland from the glorious Mediterranean Sea in Eastern Spain. There are a variety of runs from 10 to 25 kms on trails and tracks that will take you over rocky summits, steep ridges, hidden canyons and through lush pine forests.
All you need to bring with you are trainers and running kit and of course an exuberant amount of energy to fully enjoy the breath-taking routes in this mountainous area.