Activity holiday ideas in Amsterdam

If you are looking for activity holiday ideas in Amsterdam you will be spoiled for choice in this lively city.

For those of us who are not excited by cultural and historical attractions, and are looking for something a little bit more ‘off the wall’ Amsterdam does not disappoint.

If the idea of going to typical tourist museums doesn’t tickle your fancy, fear not – you picked the perfect destination to get off the beaten path. When looking for things to do, a good place to start would be to ask your concierge for ideas when checking into your city hotel. Amsterdam is an eclectic city jam packed with exciting activities so you are bound to find some that you enjoy.

Activity Holiday ideas in Amsterdam

Beerbikes are powered by passengers steering and braking a bike that is controlled by a driver. This pub on wheels provides 30 litres of beer to passengers and most bikes can fit anywhere from six to seventeen people. Once you have enjoyed your ride and indulged in a few tasty beverages the bike will drop you off close to your city hotel. Amsterdam is a beautiful metropolis and this is a tremendous way to see the canals, buildings, and monuments without having to get out a map.

Form, colour and creativity will be all around you if you sign up for a graffiti workshop. Stencil art, light graffiti and digital graffiti workshops are all available to enable you to indulge in your artistic side. Instructors will work closely with you so you bring home a piece of artwork that is tailored just for you.

Activity holiday ideas in Amsterdam also include cycling and walking tours of the city.

Ghosts roam the streets of Amsterdam and may be located just outside the door of your city hotel! Amsterdam was once known to be a place full of ghosts, witches and demons however the Dutch tend to think of themselves as too rational to believe in ghosts these days. Despite what the Dutch believe, legend has it that the city has so many canals because the majority of ghosts and spirits cannot cross water. See for yourself on a ghost tour.

The Electric Ladyland Museum of Fluorescent Art is the world’s only fluorescent art museum where visitors enter and immediately become part of the piece of art while experiencing “participatory art.” In this unconventional museum you will feel like you just travelled back to the 1970’s to the world of psychedelic art and music. The guided tour demonstrates different collections of fluorescent minerals from all over the world and you will be amazed to see common stones turn into vivid, multi-coloured rocks when seen under different wavelengths of light.

The choice of activity holiday ideas in Amsterdam is endless, so plan what you want to see and do before you leave home to make the most of this vibrant city.

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