5 ways to raise awareness about your tours

Marketing plans may include advertising your business as a whole, but it is important not to forget the individual marketing of your services and tours.

5 ways to raise awareness about your tours include:

Create tour packages that catch the eye

Travellers to your area may book tours around the top attractions in your city, but why not promote something different?

Stand out from the crowd by promoting yourself as the business that offers the most unique and informed tours in the area.

Highlight what makes you the best company to book tours with in your area. Prove to your clients than you will do more than just give them the standard tour or activity that they can get anywhere else.

Brand marketing

If you want people to recognise your business brand, always include your company name, logo and slogan on all tour and activity materials.

Try to give each tour and activity you are offering a unique and catchy name. By promoting your brand as a whole while focusing on an individual tour, you might find some customers check out your other packages and make a different selection.

Always deliver what you promise

One of the most important five ways to raise awareness about your tours is to deliver what you promise on time. Let visitors know what to expect and encourage ‘word of mouth’ recommendations to build brand awareness. Offer customers free tours or discounts in exchange for inviting their friends to book your tours.

For each tour and activity you promote, write a short but catchy description of what the average traveller will experience.

This allows potential customers to get a quick glimpse of what they will experience themselves while on holiday.

Only make guarantees to your customers that you can keep. There is no point, for example advertising a dolphin spotting tour with 100% guarantee of seeing them. This will only lead to disappointment and mistrust, reflecting badly on you as a business.

Social media

Promote individual tours and activities on your social media accounts. Interact with potential customers and encourage them to write reviews.

Add frequent yet relevant updates each day. Instead of tweeting the same promotions once a day, or posting general statuses on your Facebook account, take the time to promote the different experiences and tour packages that you offer.

Tour offers and discounts

Entice people to take advantage of what you have to offer at a great price.

If you have a hard time filling up your wine excursions during the month of May, offer this tour at a discount and promote it individually.

This will help increase your bookings, while also attracting new customers who may opt to take other tours with your company while on holiday.

By working on five ways to raise awareness about individual tour packages that you offer, people will have a better idea of all the experiences they can enjoy while on their holiday.