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3 ways to grow your small tour business

If you run a small tour business, there are plenty of ways to promote your activities without much initial outlay.

Three of the best ways to grow your small tour business include:

Social media

Social media is important for any company and to promote or advertise a specific tour, deal or offer on Facebook is probably much cheaper than you think. Reach thousands more followers demographically for as little as £1 per day.

Social media allows people to connect with your business in new and exciting ways, as well as quickly spread the word about your location to friends and family, plus interact with you.

Most small travel businesses will begin their social media campaign with a Facebook account and a Twitter account. Along the way they might add other relevant accounts, such as Instagram, Pinterest or Google Plus.

Facebook allows you as a tour operator to post status updates about recent happenings with your business, latest deals and offers and competitions. These status updates will range from quick-hit news items, links to relevant stories and simply fun thoughts. Include images and videos to attract more people to your page.

For example, if you offer dolphin-spotting tours, consider posting a few photos each week of the actual trip. It will get people interested and excited in what you have to offer.

Competitions and contests spread by word of mouth and generate a real buzz about your company. Post photos of the lucky winner receiving their prize of a free tour or discounted trip.

Twitter allows you to post quick information for your followers, and often includes newsworthy information, promotional information and contact information. You only have 140 characters to get your point across, so it’s important to be witty and creative. A quick Twit pic can go along way as well, enticing people who are following you to check out your website for more information.


Three of the best ways to grow your small tour business definitely includes a presence on TripAdvisor, which is now one of the most used resources for people looking to book a tour or a trip. Users can post reviews of their own personal experiences with your company, along with photographs they may want to add.
Ask people who have enjoyed your tour to add a review on TripAdvisor and help you develop your page. The more reviews you have (good ones), the better ranking you will earn.

You will be thrilled the day you log on to Trip Advisor and see your business as one of the top-rated things to do in your city.

Voucher Sites

Voucher sites allow you to create a daily deal that works for your business, in the form of a discount or special offer.

You can offer a heavily discounted tour during a slow month for example to boost sales and get talked about.

This is a great way for customers to discover your business, and when they enjoy their experience, they will be more likely to recommend you and help you spread the word online as well – even without the discounts.

Try three of the best ways to grow your small tour business and interact frequently with your online customers.