10 Things to do in Romania in Springtime

10 Things to do in Romania in Springtime

Romania has a long and renowned history, dating back as far as the dawn of evolution.  The largest of the Balkan countries boasting spectacular mountain landscapes, a beautiful coastline, stunning monasteries and the ancient Saxon towns of Transylvania. Romania is also famous for Bram Stoker’s Dracula! However, there is much more to this beautiful country than just vampires and Vlad the Impaler.

Romania is extremely popular with the British Royal Family. Prince Charles is quoted as saying “Maybe people do not see it, but Romania is a wonderful country. Remarkable people live here who will not give up. They have gone through terrible experience that affected them greatly: the two world wars and all the sufferings endured from World War II until now.”

It is recommended you visit in spring, as the weather is neither too hot nor cold. The summer months can get exceptionally hot, as even if you’re a person who adores the sun, it can get quite overpowering.  Winter however can get particularly cold, with downfalls of immense snow often affecting transport. In the winter it also gets dark early and most of the tourist attractions are closed. Another good reason to visit in the spring – is the travel costs; airlines have low season offers and also the hotels are cheaper as their high season is when the Romanians have their annual holidays.

So, whether you are after an adventure tour, a rural tour, a wine tour or maybe – an eerie dinner date with a Vampire! Take a look at the top 10 tours on offer in this exciting and fascinating country:

Food Tour in Romania, Bucharest

This is a fantastic tour as it incorporates two popular Bucharest tours in one day. You will visit the old town and La Belle Époque neighbourhood in the Communist era. Discover Romanian stories as you experience Bucharest through the ages, on a tour that takes you to the best sites. One of which includes the former residence of Vlad Tepes – aka Dracula!

You will sample gorgeous traditional Romanian food, including the best local cheeses and the famous mici street snack. Enjoy the  local beers, from craft/microbrewery’s to everyday big-name and if you fancy, a daring a shot of homemade Romanian brandy.

Dinner with a Bite – Romania, Transylvania

For all you fearless people out there – take a bite out of Transylvanian cuisine. Experience a horror-themed 5-course authentic dinner party. Listen to chilling tales giving you a true insight into the real history of Dracula, vampires and troubled souls of the dead. Enjoy a glass of  local tuica (plum brandy), known as ‘Transylvanian fire water’. Then after dinner take a stroll along the streets of Turda, a town with a historic past and stunning architecture.

Historical Tour in Romania, Bucharest

On this very awe-inspiring tour you will gain a fascinating insight into the city’s turbulent history that won’t be found in any guidebook. You will hear the stories of the city’s very own Jack the Ripper, who terrorised the streets between 1970 and 1971.

Bucharest by Night Pub & Club Crawling

Do you fancy some merry making the Bucharest way? Then join the locals as you embrace the city’s lively nightlife scene. Drink with in the authentic bars, clubs and underground music venues, often hidden away from the tourist areas.

Historical Tour in Romania, Bucharest – Jewish Heritage Tour 

A local ardent local guide will show you around as you learn about some of the city’s famous Jewish monuments and synagogues. Explore the ancient streets of Bucharest’s charming Jewish quarter as you admire the amazing architecture.

Sightseeing Tour in Romania, Brasov – Absolutely Brasov

On this superb tour discover hidden medieval churches, enchanted turrets and secret catacombs while getting an insight into the history of this fascinating city.  Visit the famous Black Church, the biggest Gothic church in Eastern Europe and walk down the second narrowest street in Europe!

Authentic Experience in Romania, Brasov – Home Cooked Brasov

Here you will be welcomed into a local home for a scrumptious, traditional meal. You will enjoy mouth-watering dishes and culinary delights! You will also be able to help make the genuine Romanian recipes, while chatting with the host and his family about their cultures and traditions.

Food Tour in Romania, Brasov – Private Sights & Bites Tour 

On this private tour with your local guide you will discover hidden medieval churches and enchanting turrets. One of which is the famous Black Church – the largest gothic church in Europe. Afterwards, you will enjoy a yummy traditional lunch in a family restaurant.

Private Walking Tour in Romania, Bucharest – Outcast Bucharest 

This is an unusual tour as you will join a once homeless guide through the cobbled streets of Bucharest. You will learn all about the challenges of Bucharest’s street life, from the people who actually live on them. Find out about the city’s history, while supporting  a program providing guidance for homeless and vulnerably locals. All net proceeds from this tour will go directly to the Parada Foundation.

Guided Tour in Romania, Bucharest – Bohemian Bucharest: Markets & Mahallas 

This is a fabulous historical, architectural, and culinary journey through the neighbourhoods of La Belle Époque Bucharest. Sample the traditional peasant foods that make up the delicious Romanian cuisine. You will visit the biggest and liveliest peasant market in Bucharest and enjoy the local beers. Afterwards, why not take a tram with the locals and hear and see more of about this unique city.

Book a tour today and enjoy just some of the many amazing things to do in Romania.